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I ought to be able to get off the Mut 21 coins
I ought to be able to get off the Mut 21 coins cube and perform as a linebacker if I want.As it's right now, upon getting blocked you are pressured into those shedding animations instead of having the ability to get off them freely.

For example, if I feel the toss, I need to just back off right off which isn't realistic. I ought to be able to boil the block, create the read, then have the ability to disengage that obstruct if it see it coming with no shed. At that stage, it should be dependent on the oline making the play.

Paradoxically same. The first time since 2002 for me. Still play 20 a ton and enjoy franchise mode, but without any changes in 21 it's just not worthwhile this season.

I only got it because last week that my goal had a sale where EA games were half off. I got Madden and UFC for $60 total.

If you're a company or offline player compared to yes, I could agree with this. But this game automatically is the best madden has been since like 17.

Are there any glitches and bugs? Obviously it is buy Madden 21 coins a video game instead of just any sport, an EA game. But if you want to say that this game is not better than the last 3 madden games you're out of your mind!

However, I definitely understand franchise gamers. Game has never shifted since they brought out CFM. I like the concept, but it requires a complete redesign and attention. Surprised EA even gets the balls to push the same modes with no changes year after year.

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