How to clean ceramic parquet?
How to clean ceramic parquet?

Cleaning ceramic parquet
ceramic parquet cleaning steps
Cleaning ceramic parquet using a vacuum cleaner, for the purpose of removing dirt on it, or using a regular broom to get rid of dust and small particles in places that the vacuum cleaner cannot reach.
Get rid of sand grains and small stones, which damage and scratch the parquet. And you should avoid dragging furniture on the parquet, so as not to damage it.
Immediately dispose of water or other liquids, when spilled on the parquet, with a dry cotton swab.
When the parquet is affected by some "stubborn" stains, such as fats and oils, vinegar is used by placing it in a bottle, mixing it with water, then spraying it on the stains, then drying it with a cloth.
Cleaning ceramic parquet
Vinegar for cleaning and polishing
Polish the parquet by mixing a little vinegar with the parquet cleaning liquid, then wet a cotton swab with the mixture, to wipe the parquet ceramic.
The parquet floor is purified from time to time, so that germs and fungi do not accumulate on it, by mixing the parquet cleaning liquid with the germ protection liquid, spraying it on the parquet ceramic, and drying it with a dry cotton piece.
Cleaning ceramic parquet
It is important to open windows and doors when cleaning floors
It is preferable to open windows and doors, so as to allow air to enter and protect the parquet from rotting and damage.

Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic parquet
Cleaning ceramic parquet
Ceramic parquet flooring is attractive in decoration
One of the advantages of ceramic parquet is that it is available in shapes, colors and sizes to suit all tastes, and it is long-lived, with constant care.
The parquet is characterized by luxury, which combines classicism and modernity, and adds more warmth to the house, especially in the winter season.
Parquet can be moved easily in the event of a change of residence, because it consists of small pieces that are attached to each other.
On the other hand, the disadvantages of ceramic parquet include its high price, noting that some types of it emit annoying sounds while walking on them, and the constant exposure of ceramic parquet to sunlight may lead to a change in its color.

To prevent dirt build-up on ceramics

There are tips that must be followed, to prevent the accumulation of dirt on ceramics:

Wipe it daily.
Use warm water, if there is a build-up of dirt on it, or when there is blackening between the ceramic pieces or grease residue.
Drying: After cleaning the ceramic, it is dried well with a dry cotton swab.
Getting rid of stains: If any food or drink residue falls on the ceramic, it must be disposed of immediately, using a cleaner, so that it does not stick to the ceramic, and is difficult to remove later.
Getting rid of mold traces: Traces of mold can be removed from ceramics by mixing ammonia powder with water, rubbing the floor well, leaving it for ten minutes, then rinsing the ceramic, and providing it with good ventilation.
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It is preferable to use home recipes to clean ceramics, and rid it of dust and traces of stuck dirt because it is safer, compared to ready-made cleaners.
Clean cement joints, by rubbing them gently with a brush, warm water, then wiping with a cloth, and drying them.
For a more glossy finish, a polishing machine (if available) can be used, as it polishes ceramic parquet better.
To polish ceramics in a different way, vinegar can be used as follows: Clean the floor from dirt and dust using a regular broom (or a vacuum cleaner). Then, add half a cup of vinegar to a bucket filled with water.
Fresh lemon juice, mixed with warm water (or soda water), can be used to clean and polish ceramics.
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