Runescape gold Rsgoldfast new players
I can say from experience I have not stayed on OSRS gold games that advertise RWT the way it's on OSRS. The only reason I play is since I've been playing. But for a brand new player this is not what they need to see.

I think at this point one of the OSRS gold only thing they can do about bots and gold sellers would be to prohibit the gold buyers. These buyers are the sole reason they exist and unlike bot farms that they spend time in their personality and won't want to take any greater risk.

The main reason is that Jagex does not allocate almost enough resources into botbusting and anti-cheating. It is absurd to even hope for a small number of people, like 3 or 4, to catch any substantial amount of rulebreaking.Archeage did that to gold buyers. Gold would be eliminated and any items bought with the gold would be as well.

Unfortunately they did these things because they desired to have the gold buyers undergo the in game cash shop.

That I feel the biggest turn off for Buy Runescape gold Rsgoldfast new players is that the scamming and phishing that is so rampant in this particular community, It's dreadful and sad. I'm a veteran player and I think that it's unacceptable that jagex allows this crap to keep going.

It won't stop botting completely, but it is going to OSRS gold add a huge cost to making a farm. Since bypassing said anti cheat takes time, so public customers will cost a lot of money.

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